Welcome to the Moderators' Community


This Community is meant to be a space for GWP Community Moderators to share their experiences and also gain helpful resources, insights, and guides to support their role as online community moderators.

Here moderators will get the chance to interact with other moderators on the ToolBox and also have access to resources to help optimize their roles as moderators of their own community of practice.

It is encouraged that moderators share their knowledge and experiences, ask questions and participate in discussions and activities and become an integral part of this little community. Together we can all become better moderators and create energetic spaces for collaboration and action! 

My name is Rianna and I will be your mine guide on the GWP Community Space. I aim to have weekly blogs highlighting some tips and tricks for building your own community and engaging your members but also shine a light on some things that can lead you down the road to failure but also show you how you can learn from it.

Let me help you sift through the numerous resources out there and share with you the most helpful. 

I look forward to seeing you in this awesome community!!!