Event date 10 Oct '22 12:00 - 13:30 (UTC)
Event location https://gwp-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kcuyrrzkrHdbGbJg6MGKdjdK1XovN4F1T
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The next interactive online session of the Transboundary Freshwater Security Governance Train is planned for 10th October. In the 13th installment, we will be discussing the impact of basin organizations, as specific forms of "institutionalized cooperation", on the sustainable and cooperative governance of shared water resources. The session is co-organized by IHE Delft and GWP.

Institutionalized cooperation over shared water resources is typically regarded as one of the key prerequisites for preventing conflict and strengthening cooperation in shared basins, as well as for ensuring that shared resources indeed get managed in a way that is beneficial to the basin, its people and its riparian countries. Numerous basin organizations have therefore been established over the past decades in many of the world’s basins.

While such institutionalization is certainly an important step in the right direction, important questions remain with regard to the actual impact of such basin organizations – both in terms of their contribution to conflict prevention/cooperation promotion and in terms of their actual influence on the state of the basin’s resources. Existing research – albeit still insufficiently developed – shows that the design of basin organizations, their mandates, the way they take and implement decisions and the way they are funded – together with numerous other factors – matters a lot.

This event will address the impact of basin organizations on the sustainable and cooperative governance of shared water resources, with a particular focus on the functioning of RBOs, in a highly interactive way during the session. Participants will be able to put questions to the speakers during the plenary Q&A and will also be able to further engage with the speakers in breakout rooms. A post-event discussion will be hosted here, on the Transboundary water knowledge exchange hub (free registration required).

This event is part of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Governance for Transboundary Freshwater Security.

WHEN: Monday, 10 October, at 08:00 (Washington DC), 13:00 (London), 14:00 (Stockholm), 15:00 (Nairobi), 19:00 (Bangkok), 20:00 (Beijing)

DURATION: 1.5 hours

HOW: Registration is required. Please use LINK

WHAT: The speakers will reflect on several key questions:

  • How does the design of basin organizations influence its effectiveness in conflict prevention, cooperation, and shared water governance?
  • How do RBOs promote cooperation between member states?
  • How are RBOs funded?
  • In what way do RBOs improve basin planning and management?


  • Dr Yumiko Yasuda (Event moderator), Senior Network & Transboundary Water Cooperation Specialist, Global Water Partnership

Yumiko bio

  • Dr Susanne Schmeier (Event chair), Associate Professor in Water Law and Diplomacy at IHE Delft