The Treaty, adopted in 1969, aims to promote the harmonious development and physical integration of the Plata River Basin and its areas of influence.

The Contracting Parties undertake to promote the identification of areas of common interest, to conduct studies, programs and works and to formulate legal instruments to, inter alia, facilitate navigation, promote the rational use of water resources and preserve animal and plant life (art.1). Collective action by the Parties must take place without prejudicing projects and undertakings that the Parties decide to implement within their own territories, in accordance to international law and good practice between neighbouring and friendly countries (art.5).

The Ministers of the Foreign Affairs are to meet once a year inter alia to set the basic directives of a common policy, evaluate its results and direct the activities of the Intergovernmental Coordinating Committee (art. 2). This Committee is the permanent organ of the Basin, responsible for promoting, co-ordinating and following the development of multinational activities related to the integrated development of the Plata Basin (art.3).

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