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UNISDR strategic framework 2016-2021


UNISDR's Strategic Framework 2016-2021 guides the organization to achieve its vision, mandate and overarching objectives.

Vision: The substantial reduction of disaster risk and losses for a sustainable future

Mandate: Focal point of the United Nations system for disaster risk reduction and the custodian of the Sendai Framework, supporting countries and societies in its implementation, monitoring and review of progress 

Overarching Objective: The prevention of new and reduction of existing disaster risk and strengthening resilience through successful multi-hazard disaster risk management.

UNISDR delivers its mandate through three Strategic Objectives and two Enablers:

  • SO1- Strengthen global monitoring, analysis and coordination of Sendai Framework implementation;
  • SO2- Support to regional and national Sendai Framework implementation;
  • SO3- Catalyse action through Member States and Partners;
  • Enabler 1- Effective knowledge management, communication and global advocacy;
  • Enabler 2- Strengthened organisational performance.
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